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 At Diamond Restoration Services, our goal is to help you clean and restore your home or business, and make the process comfortable for you. We are a experienced cleaning company with a wide range of skills. We can help you with all phases of cleaning services. Our twenty years of experience and level of work ethic gaurantees you the job to be done efficiently. Diamond Restoration Services has highly experienced and dedicated team, Specializing in restoration cleaning services. Bank owned, commercial, single family homes, REO, industrial, owner occupied, short sales, and multi unit dwellings.  
 Our excellent reputation and long list of satisfied clients attest to our outstanding craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication and Professionalism. Workmanship gaurantee! 
 Your free phone consultation is just a call away!                                 
Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Hotels * Apartments* Office * Condo, T.H.
Carpet cleaning * Water extraction * 
Air ducts, carpet, tile and wood cleaning
Pet Odor and Urine Removal-Deep clean
 Teflon and Sealants, Deep scrub wood
 Pressure washing vinyl and wood,
 Patio deck restoration, Power washing sidewalks, driveways, stucco, clean up. 
 Same day service available
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